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Hotel Facilities

  1. Do you have wi-fi and do we have to pay for it?

    Our wifi is complimentary to all our guests

  2. Do you parking facilites?

    As we are a "street" hotel, there is ample local council parking around our Hotel of which we have 3 reserved lots for our guests. Guests will have to use the local council parking coupons if parked outside our reserved lots.

  3. Do you have prayer facilites for Muslims?

    Our Hotel has a surau for our Muslim brethren. All rooms are equipped with Kiblats which were placed by Jabatan Mufti Perak and assisted by Jabatan Agama Islam, Slim River

  4. Are there any restaurants close to the Hotel?

    There are restaurants located immedately on the left and right of the Hotel, which are all Halal. We are literally minutes away from KFC (24 hours) and several other restaurants. Our location is advantageous as we are also located next to several petrol stations and mini markets.

  5. Do you provide breakfast?

    We do not provide breakfast as we do not have a restaurant.

  6. Do you have laundry facilities?

    We do not provide laundry services but there are several laundrettes within walkiing distance of the Hotel

  7. Are there any shops and other conveniences nearby?

    Yes, Our Hotel is within walking distance of the following:-

    1. Fresh food market

    2. Stationery shop;

    3. Laundrettes;

    4. Household goods shop across the Hotel;

    5. Computer & Phone accessories shop

    6.  Bakery

    7.  Sports shop

    8.  Motorcycle shops

    9.  Car tyre & repair shops

    10. Petronas

    11. BHP 

    10. Electrical shop

    11. Furniture shops

    12. KFC

    13. Several Halal restaurants (both big and small)

  8. How far is UPSI from the Hotel

    We are approximately 1.3 km from the Main UPSI campus and approximately 3.1 km from the Proton City UPSI campus.

  9. How far is the train station to the Hotel

    The KTM station is approximately 1 km from the Hotel

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